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  • Lay-Z-Trimmer

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    Shrink Your Stomach in a Few Weeks Without Dieting or Exercises

    Get a Tight Toned Waist and a Flat Stomach While sleeping, in the office, in the car, or anywhere you want.

    Sleeping with the Lay-Z-Trimmer for 8 hours is equivalent to doing 8000 mini sit-ups without any effort on your part.

    The Lay-Z-Trimmer trims the stomach and waist in a few weeks with no dieting or exercising. It’s similar to a weight belt and it feels heavier in your hands than on your body; the weight is evenly distributed. The Lay-z Trimmer helps you lose weight anywhere you place it on your body.

    Lose Inches Fast!

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Color According to Availability


    The trimmer contains sand, magnets, heat generating iron- oxide nanoparticles, energy crystals, minerals and other natural ingredients.

    Your body heat activates the ingredients inside the trimmer causing a breakdown of the fatty tissue.  The gentle weight squeezes these fluids and you eliminate them through urination.

    Your Natural breathing (pushing up and down) against the trimmer's weight is called an isometric exercise; this tightens and firms the stomach and waist muscles (Isotonically). The trimmer's weight gently presses the stomach back into place.

    Dr. Baird, a doctor of Chiropractic in California, is a user of the Lay-Z-Trimmer and recommends it to her patients for menstrual cramps and for weight loss.

    Abs Muscles Toned and Strengthened:

    1.     The Rectus Abdominus (the muscles forming the "six-pack")

    2.     The Transverse Abdominus (the muscles that pull in your stomach and keep your stomach flat)

    3.     The Obliques (V shaped muscles that taper your waist line, also known as the "love handles")

    Also works on the hips, thighs and buttox.  We suggest that you trim one area at a time starting with the stomach.

    Simply Wear It

    The new epidemic in female midriff bulged caused by those (hip hugging) Fashion Pants can be resolved. OUR CURE, wear the trimmer on the back covering that area and watch it disappear.  


    Our Size Chart

    Waist Size - 15 -21

    Clothing Size - 3-9

    Lay-Z-Trimmer Size - X-Small


    Waist Size - 22-35

    Clothing Size - 10-14

    Lay-Z-Trimmer Size - Small


    Waist Size - 36-47

    Clothing Size - 16 - 2X

    Lay-Z-Trimmer Size - Medium


    Waist Size - 48 - 55

    Clothing Size - 2X - 3X

    Lay-Z-Trimmer Size - Large


    Waist Size - 56 - 69

    Clothing Size - 4X - Plus

    Lay-Z-Trimmer Size - X-Large