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  • EZ Kuddle Buddies


    EZ Kuddle Buddies Instantly Soothes, Comforts and 
    Relaxes Your Body In Minutes. Guaranteed / 100% Natural.

    Benefits Both Kids and Adults!

    Two Comfort Wraps Included.

    The Head Wrap - Calms, soothes, and seems to quiet the mind (thoughts).

    The Body Wrap - Helps relieve stress and that overwhelming feeling in minutes.


    EZ Kuddle Buddies Help Soothe and Relieve

    * Helps relieve tension, stress, pain, and other body discomforts.

    * Helps relieve that overwhelming, stressful feeling in minutes.

    * Helps relieve headaches, stomachaches, and neck tension.

    * Helps lull one to sleep in minutes.

    * Kids love them as toys and to cuddle with at bedtime.

    * Mothers love them because they quickly put kids to sleep.

    * They give the sensation of a human touch.

    * They calm, soothe, and seem to quiet the mind.

    * They are excellent for special needs kids and adults.

    * It warms up to one's body temperature. No need to microwave or heat. 

    EZ Kuddle Buddies

    Simply place them anywhere on your body. The comfortable weight instantly soothes, comforts, and releases the body in minutes.  They contain all-natural ingredients and have just enough weight for comfort.

    Kids' sizes come smaller with different shapes and designs.


    Our comfort products have 100% natural ingredients: sand, iron oxide, crystals, minerals, and other natural ingredients. These ingredients connect our bodies to the power and energy of the earth's electrons.  These electrons are said to have healing effects that improve the way the body functions in a variety of ways. 

    To Clean:

    Sponge with cold water; let dry.

    Colors and designs are shipped according to availability.