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Barbara Haisley, Lifestyle Guru, and Businesswomen earned a degree as a Fashion Designer from Los Angeles Trade-Tech College. She invented the Lay-Z-Trimmer and the EZ Care Wrap in 1980, which quickly gained popularity and notability due to the products' ease of use and for their excellent results. These innovative products are the finest in their field which has brought Barbara great success and distinction. 

Mission Statement:


To help you to look absolutely fabulous, to help you to live a healthier, longer life, to help you to feel your best.


In fact, we're at the forefront of scientific and medical research, always looking for technologies and therapies to prolong your youth and Beauty, to assist you in reaching your ideal weight, in maintaining an overall healthy body and in reducing stress from your life. We are also continually searching for technologies and therapies that lead to lifesaving cures for diseases. 


Our Botanical Chemist


Dr. Valinda Patrice Haisley – Gueye is the formulator and manufacturer of exceptional botanical-based products being sold worldwide through her company Gueye's Health and Beauty alongside co-founder Dousse Gueye, her supportive husband of 28 years. These extraordinary products promote healthy hair and skin and a well-balanced, healthy body. Her impressive ability to combine Nature with Science has brought her great success providing designer stores, beauty supply companies, salons, health food establishments, and consumers with the industry's most innovative health, skin, and hair growth products available on the market. She also formulates products for many well-known companies.


She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Health, a Master of Science degree in Natural Health Sciences, and a summa cum laude Doctor of Philosophy degree in Holistic Sciences.  She has also been awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy degree – Honoris Causa, a Doctor of Philosophy in Integrative Medicine and an honorary Doctor of Divinity degreeShe is board certified by the American Alternative Medical Association and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She has also been awarded numerous certificates and diplomas in her field of knowledge.


Her extensive scientific research spans several natural health disciplines including, Homeopathic Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Vibrational Medicine, Energy Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Mind/Body Medicine, Holistic Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyles Philosophies as interpreted by both Eastern and Western philosophies. She has explored the scientific basis, history, pharmacology, and clinical applications of these disciplines. She has a solid foundation in biochemistry. She is a Functional Medical Doctor, a Botanical Chemist and an Herbal Pharmacist. 


Her manufacturing facility employs highly trained and skilled staff, including qualified chemists and pharmacists. The manufacturing facility is equipped with fully automated, state-of-the-art machinery and an Analytical and Research and Development Department/Laboratory. They utilized the latest technology to ensure quality control in the processing and testing of her products. Their manufacturing facility is GMP Certified, GMP Registered by NSF, UL Certified, NPA GMP Certified and is licensed by the following federal and state regulatory agencies: U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) California Department of Health Services, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, Los Angeles County Public Health Department. 


Born from the heritage of healing, Gueye's Family of Six - HairCeutical, SkinCeuticals, CosmeCeuticals, ThinCeuticals, NutraCeuticals, and OralCeuticals offer multi-perfecting capabilities for the ultimate expression of health and personal indulgence. Her luxurious products utilize life-enhancing botanicals and their oils and extracts infused with plant bio-molecular technologies and glacier bio-extracts. In the exclusive skincare lines, she adds precious clays, exotic gemstones, and 24K monatomic gold. These DNA Correction and body perfecting bio-absorbable, non-metallic 24K gold nanoparticles interact with defective DNA and reverses aging by energetic cohesion. Many have experienced her secrets of youthful tactics and luxurious beauty rituals. Gueye's cutting edge formulas are infused with patent-pending innovated botanical signaling peptides and growth factors, nanoparticle, BioGlacier Extracts, African Botanicals and essential oils. These products are the gold standard of the health and beauty industry. All ingredients are clinically validated and tested. All are organic, Non-GMO, and are third-party tested for purity.


Gueye's Health and Beauty serve many retail locations in the health and beauty market throughout the U.S., Africa, and many other countries. It has won numerous awards for ethical business practices. 




q       American Association of Integrative Medicine - Member

q       Gene Therapy Network – Member

q       Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM) – Member

q       Health and Wellbeing – Member

q       Naturopathic Practitioners Network (The NPN) – Member

q       All Natural Cosmetics Manufacturing - Member

q       Natural and Integrative Medicine - Member

q       HealthPRO: Health, Wellness, CAM & Fitness Professionals – Member

q       Global Public Health – Member

q       Society of Physicians Entrepreneurs (SoPE) – Member

q       Society of Cosmetic Chemist - Member

q  American Association of Drugless Practitioners – Board Certification

q  American Alternative Medical Association – Board Certification