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Barbara Garcia, Lifestyle Guru, and Businesswomen earned a degree as a Fashion Designer from Los Angeles Trade-Tech College. She invented the Lay-Z-Trimmer and the EZ Care Wrap in 1980, which quickly gained popularity and notability due to the products' ease of use and for their excellent results. These innovative products are the finest in their field which has brought Barbara great success and distinction. 

Mission Statement:


To help you to look absolutely fabulous, to help you to live a healthier, longer life, to help you to feel your best.


In fact, we're at the forefront of scientific and medical research, always looking for technologies and therapies to prolong your youth and Beauty, to assist you in reaching your ideal weight, in maintaining an overall healthy body and in reducing stress from your life. 


Our Botanical Chemist:


Dr. Valinda Patrice Haisley – Gueye is the formulator and manufacturer of exceptional botanical-based products being sold worldwide through her companies Gueye's Health and Beauty and Gueye Naturals alongside co-founder Dousse Gueye, her supportive husband of 28 years. These extraordinary products promote healthy hair and skin, and a well-balanced healthy body. Her impressive ability to combine Nature with Science has brought her great success providing designer stores, beauty supply companies, salons, health food establishments, and consumers with the industry's most innovative health, skin, and hair growth products available on the market. She also formulates products for many well-known companies.